The power of argan oil in Nanoil Argan Hair Mask

There are days when a regular hair conditioner doesn’t seem to be enough. On such days, it’s better to reach for something that produces stronger effects. Something such as infused with argan oil hair mask launched by Nanoil. Is it the cosmetic your hair needs? Find out!

Nanoil - Hair mask with argan oil

Dehydrated, dull, hard to tame, prone to split ends and brittle. If this is how you would describe your hair now, it’s high time you did something about this! Don’t let your strands get any weaker than it is now! Start replenishing them with nutrients and water today. Also, you should provide them with some protection before it’s too late. But in order to be successful, you have to make use of the right tools, of course. The tools, aka hair care products, enriched with a load of genuine and all-natural argan oil – a miraculous substance that solves all hair-related problems.

Argan oil in hair care

Using argan oil to improve the look of hair isn’t anything new – people have been doing so for centuries because they knew how beneficial argania spinosa kernels are for the strands. This native to Moroccan terrains tree is proven to be a rich source of over 200 various nourishing substances, hidden in a golden liquid that smells like nuts. This oil is one of the most popular and the costliest natural oils used in the beauty industry whose wide spectrum of benefits found its application in hair care as well.

Not without reason argan oil has its alternative name – and that is Liquid Gold of Morocco. It’s owed to the incredible, almost golden-medal-deserving effects it delivers to hair. No wonder that the majority of hair care products infused with argan oil are so willingly chosen and used on a daily basis by many women worldwide (and by the professionals as well). Without doubt, a hair mask containing a high quality argan oil simply deserves to stand on the winner’s podium.

Nanoil hair mask with argan oil

Nanoil’s latest offering – Argan Hair Mask – is designed for those who are looking for a cosmetic infused with genuine argan oil. This is the hair mask recommended by the professional hair stylists. Why is it worth having?

Nanoil Argan hair mask is formulated with cold-pressed, unrefined and organic argan oil. This is the first plus of this hair care product that should be mentioned. After choosing this hair mask, you can be certain that you get 100% natural and genuine argan oil. Its effects are boosted by provitamin of B5 (panthenol) that makes the hair mask nourish and repair hair even better.

Additionally, this hair care product feels and looks amazing as well. Argan hair mask by Nanoil has a captivating aroma, creamy texture and lightweight consistency. On the top of that, it’s closed in a beautiful gold-and-black jar. It looks exclusive, so is its effect on the hair because just one use is needed to observe the improvement.

Nanoil Argan Hair Mask – the benefits

Imagine ordering this incredible product; Nanoil hair mask infused with argan oil arrives at your home, nicely packed, waiting for you to apply it to the hair. So you wash the hair, use a cotton towel to remove the excess water and apply this lightweight, creamy product to the entire length of the hair. What can you expect after rinsing the mask after 15-20 minutes?

The first effects that Nanoil Argan Hair Mask delivers include:

  • far more smoother and softer strands.
  • hair that is easy to detangle and arrange.
  • more shine and intensified hair color.
  • no more dry and frizzy flyaway hair ends.
  • stunning hair no matter the conditions.

Argan oil used in Nanoil hair mask works like a protective shield that envelops strand by strand with a silky occlusive layer. Thanks to this the hair not only doesn’t lose its precious moisture and nourishment but also remains protected against daily aggressors – the sun, urban pollution, free radicals and a high temperature, e.g. generated during hair styling.

Is this all? Certainly, it’s not! Nanoil hair mask enriched with argan oil gives you far more than that. When used regularly, it moisturizes, nourishes and repairs hair in such an incredible way that the strands start looking better, are stronger and manageable. They simply look amazing!

Hair mask infused with argan or argan oil used solo?

All the benefits of Nanoil Argan Hair Mask wouldn’t be so outstanding if it wasn’t for the argan oil, obviously. However, the oil isn’t the only ingredient used – it was paired with panthenol to give you stronger effects. After all, hair mask is one of the cosmetics that improves hair from within, therefore argan oil closed in an occlusive layer (created by panthenol) is bale to repair hair deeply.

Naturally, you can also use pure argan oil (Nanoil brand also has it in its offer) but be prepared to achieve slightly different effects. To clarify, pure argan oil works better if applied as a heat protection and a cosmetic used to finish a hairdo, whereas a hair mask infused with argan oil ensures deep hair repair and reconstruction.

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